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to May 27

青年創藝節 X Green Picnic's Creative Picnic

  • Central Harbourfront Event Space (map)
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Admission: Free

Location: Central Harbourfront Event Space

Drop by 青年創藝節 X Green Picnic's Creative Picnic and join our art workshops at the study's booth space! 

26th May: 
•    11.00am: Felt Dollmaking Workshop
•    13.00pm: Felt Dollmaking Workshop
•    15.00pm: Felt Dollmaking Workshop
•    17.00pm: Felt Dollmaking Workshop
27th May: 
•    11.00am: Brush Lettering with Kaye Shu
•    13.00pm: Felt Dollmaking Workshop
•    15.00pm: Miss Arty Tomato Art Workshop for Children & Adults
•    17.00pm: Felt Dollmaking Workshop

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to Jul 27

Cursive Penmanship Workshop by Kaye Shu

Build the foundation for nice handwriting while training your brain too. 

Studies have shown that putting pen to paper stimulates the brain and promotes focus by slowing down to formulate thoughts. The development of areas of thinking, language and working memory will be improved, which one does not get from printing letters or keyboarding. 

In this 4-session workshop, participants will learn to write lowercase and uppercase in cursive, make use of exercises to build muscle memory, develop consistency in writing and train your eyes on the aesthetics of penmanship. 

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to Aug 10

Copperplate Calligraphy by Kaye Shu

This is a 5-session workshop to learn about copperplate, a font since the 17th century. Copperplate is characterised by its open flowing hand and contrast of thick and thin strokes using metal pointed nibs.

Slow down and focus – enjoy the tranquility and clarity in mind and the refreshing feeling of creating something with your hand and a pen.

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