2018 The Study_096.jpg

A hideaway in an urban jungle where we will provide you a positive & quiet environment with a menu of small portioned healthy snacks & beverage items, and in turn, you provide us with your good energy

We are an eco-friendly establishment which does not provide any takeaway cups or containers however you are welcome to bring your own to take away food and beverages. Onsite there are also tumblers for purchase

To feel a little more like home, there is a no-shoe policy at our space. Slippers and shoe covers are provided, subject to availability 

Bring your books to share with others, and take books if you find some that are worth your while

Small event area with a spectacular view for gatherings up to 10 pax


為了創造一個平靜和安全的環境,讓“the study”變得像家一樣。 進入場內前請先脫鞋,場內亦有拖鞋提供



Be funny.